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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Friday, March 11, 2005

6:08 AM - GROSS

you know what might immediately improve the morale and quality of life for soldiers living on post? improve the quality of the food you serve at the chow hall. i went in this morning and was literally sick and disgusted after eating, and that rarely happens to me. of course, i rarely eat at the chow hall, so that's an explanation right there. normally i'd just go to the px and pick up a breakfast hot pocket or drive through burger king for some coffee, but i didn't have time to do either of those this morning, leaving the chow hall as my only option. i should have done the smart thing and just gone back to my room, but no, i was hungry and that hunger must be satiated. it's not like i need to watch my weight, either, what with the five miles that we run every single day.

i got to the chow hall, flashed my id card, and got my place in line. the whole id card requirement for the chow hall is laughable at best; does someone somewhere really believe that people are going to try to sneak in and score food? i mean, it's a last option at best, and i don't see anyone in their right mind with a chance to go anywhere else sneaking into the chow hall to eat dog food. regardless, i go through the line, and the choices are simple -- breakfast pizza, burritos, and hash browns. can't we mix in a few fruits and vegetables or SOMETHING that wasn't cooked in oil left over from last week's surf and turf day? i choose the pizza because it looks somewhat harmless, even though the eggs are a strange shade of green. grab some no percent milk and sit at the table, and decide that the pizza might not look so good. i eat it anyway, and after about, oh, one bite i was clutching my stomach in fear and pain. i literally fear for the lives of the joes who have to eat this food every day.

so now i'm sitting in my room, nursing a blossoming case of fucking nasty gas, still clutching my stomach in pain, and it's all because they won't shell out a little cash to get us some good food. i wish i could be in charge of an investigation into troop morale, because the results would be absolutely staggering to the general public.

i don't want to give off the impression that i'm bitter or anything. i also don't want to come off as slandering the army. i just want to be completely honest on here and i have the forum to do that, so i'm gonna. i feared stepping on people's toes last time because i didn't want to get reprimanded, and thus you got a watered down look at what actually goes on in the army. here, you're going to get the unvarnished truth for as long as i can muster it, and if that means pointing out the truly fucked up things that the army does, then so be it. i enjoy my unit and there's at least a few times every year when i'm proud to put on this uniform, and i'll talk about those, too. it's not all bad.

not going to be too many posts this weekend, or any weekend for that matter. i try to get out of town as much as possible, and the only time it's possible is on the weekend. i'm generally holed up in a hotel, reading books or watching television, and i don't usually have the chance to get on the computer. if i do, however, i'll try and leave an update. you're not here for everyday boring shit anyway, so i figure it'd be better if i try to keep things army-centric for now. no one gives a fuck what movies i like or which rare vinyls i've discovered on ebay this week, anyway.

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