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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Friday, April 01, 2005

2:07 AM - fuck boot shining

yeah, i know i don't write very much on here. truth be told, there isn't too much to write about right now and at the same time i've been too busy to sit down and write. i know that doesn't make sense to anyone, unless of course you're in the regular army. in that case, it'll make perfect sense.

if you're in stores, be sure to pick up the latest from my boy cbftw in the latest issue of esquire magazine. i couldn't have fucking said it any better myself, which is why colby is out of the army and i'm still sitting here wiping the damn dirt off my boots in a half-ass attempt to shine them and avoid a confrontation tomorrow morning. picking fights at five in the morning is about the most retarded thing a person can do and i'm already annoyed enough at that point in time as it is, so anything i can do to make people NOT talk to me that early is something i'll always look into, even if it means shining boots.

i'll tell you why shining boots is stupid. i can understand tradition and looking good and all that, but the only people who see us are OTHER SOLDIERS. it's not like we're walking around in a normal city or anything. 99 percent of the people i encounter every day are other soldiers, and all we're doing is wasting time trying to impress them. what is the fucking point? waste what little free time you're given in order to impress someone who is ALSO wasting what little free time he has trying to impress you. the fucking cycle never ends. actually, i take that back, because it'll end here in a few weeks when we stop wearing bdu's and switch to the new army combat uniform. they're snazzy and we get to wear desert boots, which means no more shining and thus no more bitching.

well, it's 1;30 in the morning and i'm drunk. i don't have to be at work until noon, which rocks the ever-loving fucking world, but if they thing that this three hours of compensation time is enough to make up for the 34 extra hours i've worked this week, they're fucking insane.

or they're in the army.

Blogger Shotgun Vinny said...

Because if your boots shine, your teeth will be clean, you weapon will be clean, and a whole bunch of other routine items many view as chickenshit (and some are) will fall into place.

For bteer or worse, soldiers are forced into inane detail on seemingly insignificant tasks.
It's a holdover from Roger's rangers:
"don't fergit nothing"

It's simply the method by which the Army sees to it that it gets it share of your time, thought, and effort. After all, it has to compete with beer and pussy.

Dont think the new uniform will get you of scott free, oh no, they said that about bdu's too. Topkicks around the world can't wait to invent ever newer standards for just how they shall be maintained. They will find something to occupy your time with.

That new uni looks form fitting and a perfect candidate for well maintained creases.

That's the nature of soldierly discipline. So my advice would be to keep that micky dee's sauce away from those rough out desert boots.  

Blogger warisreal said...

oh no, the acu's are also wrinkle free. it was put out during the press conferences about them that you can't put starch on them or put an iron to the cloth, as it will ruin it.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let u all know, the military doesn't shine their boots to look good, that how they protect them. So get your info straight b4 u go talking shit.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

being in security forces i have to shine my boots better than all those other guys who do there job with a wrench or a pen and have to press my bdu's better then them as well, now i can agree that doing these things sucks tons of ass especially when you have to do them after a twelve hour day when all you want to do is spend time with your spouse signifegant other or friends. But i do these things not just because i have to do them i do so that i can get noticed by my leadership and stand out from the others i work with giving me better oppurtunities for advancment and other things. i can say this though i am looking forward to hte new uniforms even though i personnelly think that the color scheme the air force choose sucks and i would rather see more of a woodland pattern like we have right now. So next time you think it sucks that you have to shine your boots and press your uniform just remember that when we go anywhere in our uniforms and even performing our day to day routine's the way our uniforms look says much of ourselves, the branch of service we work for and our country when we our either stationed or deployed oversee's!  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha oh dear god. Let me get on this and tell you what an air force soldiers perspective is.

Now to all the retards who said that shining your boots and pressing your uniform makes a differnece on how people will look at you and all that crap. You are just as i said before. Retarded.

The place i work im in an office for most of the time and blah blah. Same as alot of you others. Now when i first arrived to this place one of the buildings was being completely renovated and being a Project Manager i was over the construction. Now thats all well and dandy, but when our contract ran out we had to pick up some of the slack. Now im in Communications, and doing construction. Should i complain? no. Am i complaining? No. But this is where the shit hit the fan. Im at this place doing construction 8 hours a day, and in my uniform. Because why? Yeah the BDU's were made for that. But you know what sucks? When i walk out of the place and people give me shit about how my uniform looks and how my boots are scratched and need to be shined. Did anyone say hey you look like you been working hard? No. Any thank yous? No. But you know what did happen? Another airman... A GIRL... is sitting out in the office, doing nothing. Literally you walk in and shes doing college work at her desk. Which is against the AFI's (which are complete shit) but nobody says a thing. She wins all these awards because she volunteers. She does no work. Everyone in the office complains about how shes hard to work with, bossy, and lazy... but yet she wins awards because she goes DURING WORK TIME down to the local soup kitchen and hands out crap for an afternoon (12-3). Now alls im sayin is... why in the hell should i be judged by how my uniform looks when im doing work outside of my job? Boots shining makes it look like i work? I think it makes you look like you sit on your ass all day and do nothing. mabe im different tho. I mean someone doing a full days work and their uniform still looks like they just got it from the cleaners means they work hard... yeah... good concept. Also my boss gives me shit about my boots knowing what is going on. Lol but hes a retard so i dont care. Oh and the guy who said something about how his uniform gets him recognised by his leadership... your a cop... writing with a pen without poking your eyes out will get you looked at. Security Forces is the most useless on base job they have. You have nothing to do. You just annoy the hell out of everyone that works at the place. And you do stupid ass drills to keep busy. And dont say im wrong because im an Augmentee and see the crap. Also been to afghan 2 times and been in cop squadrons and hear you retards talk about what you do. Never post here again. Shiniing boots is retarded and will get you nowhere. My boss is a lazy ass but gets to write about my work ethic based on how my boots/uniform look. My entire office talks about how good i work and all this crap but i cant win awards because i dont volunteer. Retard with the want to get recognised by the bosses tell me how that works? I work all the time and dont have time to volunteer. Let the lazy ass gettin outta work win. Oh and you know its out of hand when your in afghanistan working all day and the stupid fat commander tells you to iron your uniform before tomorrow. Explain that too. I missed that in the war manual. I wont get shot if my uniform is ironed? spread the word. That will win the war in iraq im sure.

P.S. The girl airman i was talking about is off to officers school. She has no idea about our job at all, but since she sucked up shes going to be one of the future leaders in the airforce. lol.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shining boots is like the games on a kid's menu at a restaurant. It's something orderly to do while you wait for the real shit to happen so you don't fuck up anything by running around the restaurant, or getting too curious and putting your hand in the lobster tank. If you stay at the table and color, you won't get shot, you won't get caught, and you definitely won't lose any fingers in the turbine of that new stealth fighter.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would HAPPILY offer to shine the boots of any servicemen who do not have the time or the inclination to do their own.  

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