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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Sundays are just about the worst thing ever. I can think of a few that are worse, such as falling down the stairs while cradling a $2000 laptop in your arms or coming home from a long deployment to find no one waiting for you, or even looking around as all your friends come to the end of their time in the army and ETS, leaving you behind as the sole survivor of several years worth a pain and frustration. Sundays are almost as bad, simply because you've had all weekend to enjoy this elusive thing called "free time" and now you sit, merely eight hours away from having to go back to the job that you hate more than anything.

okay, before this thing gets too out of hand, i need to explain something about the army. i loved iraq. i loved the friendships, the jokes, and even the adrenaline rushes you get when someone is firing an rpg at you and you either take them out with a well-placed headshot or you sit back and hope they don't suddenly become expert marksmen with the rockets. iraq was simple, you went out on missions and you relaxed and had a good time. hell, even missions were a good time, because you were out there against god knows what and it was always interesting.

garrison is a different story. ever since i came home, i've discovered that 90% of what happens here is bullshit. the only reason a lot of stuff happens is because people above us want to look good and get promoted, and i think that's bullshit. why should i care if some fucking 2nd LT ever makes colonel? i don't. the only thing i care about is the safety of the guys around me and bringing them home safe from this upcoming deployment. if we have to work late in order to make that happen, then fine, but mostly we end up sitting around for HOURS after we're supposed to get off work because the people up in the office forgot to do some important stuff during the day and it has to be done before we can go home. i mean, why does the army look upon quality family time as such a crime? they talk about being family-centric and giving us the chances we need to spend time with our loved ones before we go away FOR A YEAR, but when it comes down to it, we're always sitting around while our families wait at home, dinner going cold on the table.

and it's always like that. if the army were like iraq all the time, a lot more people would enjoy it, and i think you'd find out that the re-enlistment rate and recruiting numbers would be a lot higher than they are right now. as it stands, people are jumping ship like drowning rats, and i'll be damned if i give any civilian i personally know ANY incentive to join the army.

i didn't want to go into this thing with everyone thinking i'm a malcontent, because i'm not. i enjoy the friendships and sometimes i enjoy the job, but i fucking hate the bullshit. cut out the bullshit, and i might even think about re-enlisting.

nah. that'll never happen.

Blogger Janie said...

I asked one of my Soldiers I supported while he was in Iraq why he and his girl wasn't getting married when he came home. He will not get married till his contract is up in November. He was absolutely serious in his belief also that the Army DOES NOT support Soldiers that are married..Soldiers that have children. I also have Soldiers who believe that the Army has helped them and their family. You are probably right about the politics and stuff that goes on - till you are sent to where you do your job... and for that..the Soldier who just wants to do his/her job pays the price.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your knowledge/experience seems to be right on... Could you tell me if you have ever heard of a stipulation (when deserving the C.I.B. award) where the upper chain of command says 'No you can't have the C.I.B. cuz you weren't there for at least 90 days, despite the fact that you were mortared, shot at, AND shot an Iraqi terrorist." Such is the BS, and I don't know how to handle this kind of BS...if my husband wants to get out of the Army I am all for it, if they want to fuck him over this hard. (He was sent home early due to results of a cat scan showing a serious infection in his body).  

Blogger warisreal said...

to answer the questions thus far...

yeah, the regs surrounding all the awards are shady at best. there's all sorts of stipulations that apply and all seem to be quite flexible, depending upon the rank of the person receiving the award in question. i saw three people from my battalion recieve bronze stars (some even with a v device for valor) who i know first-hand never ever saw an ounce of combat. in fact, there's no way they could have considering that all three of them spent the entire tour in headquarters and never ventured outside the fobs unless we were on convoy to our next jump spot.

so yeah the awards are shady. i got several, but the difference is that i know i earned them because i was out there every day with the boys.  

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