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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


i need to address something here before it gets out of control. (i should also stop posting while taking ambien, or else the comments sections are going to be absolutely filled to the brim with people who are wondering just what in blue fuck i'm talking about in some of these posts.

the comments sections are open on this blog because i value feedback and it's a great place for like-minded posters to get together and have relevant, intelligent discussion on the matters of the day. matters including, but not limited to bo bice getting shafted out of american idol tonight. granted, i saw most of it through ambien-tinted sunshades, but that finale was outta sight. i also hate american idol with a passion. it's nothing more than another chance for corporate america to get one more swoop through the spotlight while marketing teenage kids who will no doubt go on to produce some of the worst music this side of nashville.

oh yes 00 ===i;m a music junky, severee---==== i have been known to go off on rants about Coldplay that last days at a time, so bear with me if you;re here just for the military bukaki.

Blogger dancewater said...

what is "remote bath control"?  

Blogger Papa Ray said...



It has been under investigation for years and is not being prescribed my the mainstream Medical anymore.

DO. NOT. take SSRI's.

That said, I found that after finally getting help, 20 someodd years too late, that meds didn't fix what was wrong with me.

Believe me, they tried all that was available back then.

Personally, I did find one "drug" that helped me sleep good, without waking up feeling drugged- Trazodone.

I started with a 50mg about thirty minutes before bedtime but found after a few months that cutting the tablet in half had about the same effect.

This drug allowed me to sleep good without all the side effects that most sleeping pills give you.

It is not a "sleeping pill" it was developed as an "anti-depressant", but doctors found it worked best as a sleep aid.

FYI..do with as you please.

I have been where you are, hope you get through it, but the one that will make it happen is you.

Only You.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Anonymous People Sniffer said...

Just came across your blog. I think that what your doing (with blogging) will help more than the conventional means ie: killing the symptoms with meds. [I am not advocating terminating medication]
What I am advocating is a dual approach that gives the “patient” equal input into treatment as a part of a comprehensive team approach.
The doctors tend to “control, & fix” the symptoms rather than allow the process to take place on an individual basis. I believe most if not all people know what they need.
They [VA etc] are great with the physical injurys but they fall short on the mental health aspect. I do not think any system can be a better help than a motivated person with their peers, aided by a professional.
I personally think its crazy for anyone diagnosed w/PTSD to go back into the lion’s den [must be some new aversion therapy redux] & on meds to boot. Who’s crazy now?
I run a veteran’s homeless shelter project so I am quite familiar with the syndrome. We have yet to get vets from the current conflict. Although the number of vets engaged in Iraq up to now has been relatively small and the effects are spread out across the country. I ‘m sad to say I suspect in the coming years, ten or more, that the effects will begin to equal that of Vietnam.
My son has been to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. He will be gearing up for Iraq again in the near future. I honor your’s and his service and commitment. I have not and cannot abide by this war.
May you stay safe;
People Sniffer
25th & 4th ID VN ‘67  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're into music - it can soothe the soul... What's wrong with Coldplay? You gotta have variety - what new music are you listening to these days?  

Blogger warisreal said...

Coldplay is awesome. My rants about Coldplay are usually about how good they are, not vice-versa.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good - we agree on Coldplay, didn't want to have to argue that one:-)  

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