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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Friday, May 20, 2005

5:42 PM -

Never, EVER take Ambien. If the doc prescribes it to you for sleep, tell him to suck a nut and walk away, It's supposed to help you sleep at night, but it doesn't, and before you go to bed you encounter all kinds of acidwash movements that you don't want any part of, It's quite similiar to refined peyote, and I know a few things about that. how about instead of telling our soldiers to take medicines and more medicines to clear them of the horrible stress we endure over there, we get them teamed up in focus level groups where they can talk about the things we SAW over there. Don't listen to the majors, don't go to mental health. The only "treatement" they're going to give you is a one way ticket down zoloft and ambien avenue

Blogger chaudes said...

I have posted some of
my photos here  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took Ambien on a transcontinental flight to get some sleep recently and ended up higher than a kite. Inanimate objects talking to me, paranoid delusions, the whole lot. Ambien is some crazy stuff.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't take any Xanax either, if they're still giving that stuff out.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

works for me like a dream. Trazadon on the other hand doesn't do it for me at all. I tossed it in the bin.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

even worse is the temporary amnesia. i've had a couple of experiences where i've taken ambien, not been able to fall asleep, and tried to take a stroll to get myself tired. flash forward to the next morning, not realizing how i got back, or remembering how my car got scratched up, or knowing why there was a bag of half-eaten chips-ahoy in my bed. evil.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly have a great con going here but you should hook up with the UK's Sun if you're really "going back" to the pit. They'll pay you for playing all this out, as anti-unit as possible. NPR and the Guardian won't.  

Anonymous Steve O said...

Zoloft will steal you Thyroid gland too.

My wife lost most of her thyroid functionality when she started taking Zoloft and I had a dive buddy get the bends because his thyroid crashed while he taking it.

You shouldn't have to dodge bullets and chemistery too. Good luck.  

Blogger usblue said...

It all depends on what your brain chemistry is like to begin with; I doubt, seriously, that the shrinks in the military do any better than the silly-vilian ones do, at make a correct dx.and rx., since we cannot seem to afford the tests that are readily available, but expensive.

If anyone is interested in "studying war no more," there is a way, relatively, drug free.

It is called transformational Psychology and it is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Wish I had had access to it when I came home from Nam. Maybe there would not have been so many wasted years...

If there is anything we can do, just let us know...in the mean time, keep your head down, and hang in there. Help is waiting for you.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear "dope 'em up & send 'em back", but not surprised. Groups are good, and the right meds can work with that. Trazadone is good for me, with citalopram, others maybe not. The basics is being with people who know and taking care of each other. Here or the "pit" or Vietnam, that rule works. Good luck & God bless you and yours  

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Another Memorial Day Weekend is approaching, and every American should watch
FAHRENHEIT 9/11 again, and again.
Before you fire up your grill or head out to some mattress sale, watch FAHRENHEIT 9/11
Reinforce your emotions...get angry, get very angry, and never forget that the Bush Administration has misled our brave soldiers and The United States of America.
Watching FAHRENHEIT 9/11 over every Memorial Day Weekend should become an
American tradition.

Please Copy, Paste, and Post this message everywhere!  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings. This is the first time I am coming across this blog, and, at the risk of sounding cliched, have to say it is moving. I have not read many entries, but am wondering why you have not taken steps to apply for Conscientious Objector status. If this question has been asked many times alreadly, my sincere apologies.

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