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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Friday, July 01, 2005

8:21 PM -

We're getting ready to leave for California next week for another round of training. The past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous, and I haven't gotten off work before seven in at least 10 days. Not so bad, you might think, but keep in mind that we go to work at 0430, before most of you have even turned in from a heavy night of drinking.

I'll be gone for 38 days, in which time I'm supposed to be able to check email and internet on occasion. To be honest, this might be the last post you ever see from me; in case you haven't heard, the military has introduced a formal rule that requires all bloggers in a warzone to formally notify the commanders that they intend on keeping a journal. I'm not going to identify myself, so the big question is whether or not I want to actually keep doing this and risk UCMJ punishment, or just stop doing it. Either way, I'm keeping a journal so that, upon my return, I can publish it, either as an ebook or with a big house. Writing has been extremely therapeutic for me and I have been medication-free for five weeks, following a relapse with Ambien. I stopped everything cold turkey, and life has been better for it, so I guess the big draw with me being a crazy soldier on medication and talking shit about everyone is probably over, and I'll go back to having one reader a day anyway.

It's all good. I'll still be maintaining a journal online....you'll just never be able to guess that I was WIR for a time.

Blogger Papa Ray said...


Loco or not, I will read your ramblings. Why?

Cause I have been crazy in varying degrees since my return in 70. I'm interested...If your interested in continuing your journal of your travel through your life.

Papa Ray
West Texas

P.S. Getting off the meds will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. Just be sure and not subsitute something else for them...like I did.

For four or five years I was a drunk, then an alkie.
Not a drink one since.

March 4, 1980

Good luck either way.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck :)

and I'll def keep reading...


Anonymous Tim said...

Hell, I'm reading it. I want to see you one day blog about how it is to be healthy and free of problems. :-)

So ... until that day.. Keep it up!


PS: Good on you for getting of meds, I bet your mind is sharper now. :)  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should refuse to go back to Iraq. It is not making our country or the world safer, and the Iraqis have the right to determine their own future.

It is an illegal war, and immoral to boot, and is also promoting terrorism around the world.  

Blogger Isabel said...

I'll be sorry not to read WIR. I hope you update it when you get back, or post a link to your book details. Thanks so much for writing it. It's given me hope for life without meds.  

Blogger larkohio said...

God bless you and all the others in the military.  

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Give Em Hell! Best of luck. Watch Your Six!  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck  

Blogger julie anna said...

Hey- it's been past 38 days. Where are you?  

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