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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Saturday, October 15, 2005

10:55 PM - About The Picture...

A few people have written to me after recognizing the guy standing in the road on the picture up top. Most of you musical buffs will realize that this is a cropped image from the cover of Abbey Road by The Beatles. Instead of trying to write the same reply to hundreds of different people, I thought I'd go ahead and tell you why I selected that picture and why it's cropped the way it is.

That guy standing in the background? He's in one of the most famous record covers in the world, and the most famous band in the world is walking down the street right by him. To me, that's my life in a nutshell. I stay in the background of things and let others take the forefront, mostly because I despise glorifying yourself for defending your country. I know I'm fucked up in the head and so is 80 percent of the people around me, but that's one small price to pay for the liberties we're able to share in.

So yeah. That's me. The guy in the background while all the famous stuff is going on all around him.

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