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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Sunday, October 16, 2005

11:04 PM -

It's another one of those sleepless nights. The Ambien is sitting right over there on the counter, and all I have to do is get out of my bed, walk over to the sink, put a few of those suckers down my throat, swallow some water, and sleep will come. Sleep will come fast and it will come deeply.

I really want to take it. I need to. I probably should. But I know the downward spiral that will soon follow that night of great sleep, and I don't feel like going through it again.

Anonymous LorelieLong said...

I was put on Ambien a few months ago. I *had* to stop taking it, because I had an allergic reaction the last time. . . and yet I still miss it some nights.  

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