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war is real

unconcerned, uncompromised and unconvoluted letters from a soldier getting ready to face war for the second time. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

7:35 PM - shit

Okay, I love this. I realize it's not really a design and looks like ass, but there's something about it that I connect with, especially given that my chain of command is royally trying to fuck me over for the blog I kept in Iraq LAST TIME. This was almost two FUCKING YEARS AGO and the new people in charge are trying to bring me up on opsec violation charges. well you know what, fuck that, and fuck them too, because i'm writing here, and my bile has barely begun to spew forth.

more later. i need to drink beer right now. i also need to watch anchorman, because that always makes me feel better.

seriously, though -- i'll get on here on thursday and tell you what's going on. right now, i'm too pissed off to write about it, and i guess i want a clear head before i say what i'm going to say. i've got a range tomorrow, so i probably won't write, but thursday....thursday is fair game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for remaining present to all that you are witnessing and experiencing.  

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